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Original Article

Year: 2012 | Volume: 2 | Issue 2 | Page: 70 - 73

Study of Serum Selenium Level and its effect on male infertility

Khodiar P K, Verma A R, Tikariha B P, Patra P K,

Department of Physiology, Biochemistry,

P.L.J.N.M Medical College, Raipur (C.G). India

Some of the biomedical research has shown interest in the anti-oxidant activity of selenium which could be due to evidences reported that oxidative damage to cells and cell membranes is one of the causative agents in the pathogenesis of many disease states including male infertility.
The present study was undertaken with the objective to measure role of Selenium levels in male infertility and assess the effect on different parameters like sperm count, sperm morphology & sperm motility. Our study included 58 infertile and 52 normal fertile males in age group of 22-50 years. The apparent difference in serum Selenium between the normal fertile controls and infertile cases turned out to be statistically significant (p <0.01) and there seems to be a positive correlation between low serum Selenium levels and semen quality parameters like count, motility and morphology. It is proposed that Selenium acts as free radical scavenger and improves semen quality by virtue of antioxidant component of selenoprotein and classical glutathioneperoxidase (GPx).
Key words: Infertility Selenium Glutathioneperoxidase

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