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Year: 2012 | Volume: 2 | Issue 2 | Page: 74 - 78

Innovative Tutorial With Case Based Approach And Peer Assisted Learning

Preethi B P, Veena M Rekha M, Savitri R Sahukar

Department of Biochemistry and Department of Microbiology, J.J.M.Medical College, Davangere

A tutorial is a small group learning method where students gather together with a tutor to discuss, interact and clarfy previously presented material in more detail and also claring individual doubts. Objectives: To conduct tutorial using case based approach, to assess whether students have understood all the concepts using pre and post multiple choice questions test and to evaluate the effectiveness of this innovative tutorial using feedback questionnaire from students.
Methodology: Topics were announced one week earlier Students allotted were 25 and time allotted was 2 hours. Pre test was given to assess the base line knowledge of the students in these topics using 20 multiple choice questions. 20 different case scenarios were used. Each student was made to comment on one of the case scenario. Each case had 3 questions to test their different taxonomic level of cognitive domain like knowledge, comprehension and application. A post-test was conducted at the end of the tutorial and feedback was obtained from each student using a questionnaire.
Results: Evaluation offeedback forms revealed that all 20 students expressed that case based tutorial was effective, helped in understanding the topics better, there was safe environment for learning and they all liked learning from their peers. Comparison ofpre and post test scores revealed 33% increase in post test after attending case based tutorials.
Conclusion: Case based tutorial facilitates active learning, better understanding of concept and improves problem solving capacity.
Key words: tutorial, cased based approach, peer assisted learning

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