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Original Article

Year: 2012 | Volume: 2 | Issue 3 | Page: 117 - 122

Mitotic Studies in Children with Learning Disability

Manjula Thulasi S

Objectives: This study was conducted to assess the various mitotic chromosome features and karyotype of different age groups of children having learning disability.
Methods: In the present study 86 learning disabled children from South India were selected. For mitotic analysis, peripheral blood samples were used and for estimating the size of chromosome, micrometry was employed.
Results: Most of the chromosome showed significant difference in measurements. In the present investigation X chromosome showed least variability in arm lengths comparing with that of Y chromosome.
Conclusion: Chromosome size has a great role in detecting the character of an organism. In the present investigation all the chromosomes showed variation from the normal, but X chromosome showed least variation in chromosome measurements.

Key words: Learning disability, mitotic studies, children.

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